Renters Insurance Quotes
Renters Insurance Quotes

The cheapest renters insurance FL tenants should consider

The cheapest renters insurance FL tenants can find costs only a few dollars a month but could end up saving them, their landlords, and even their guests thousands of dollars or more.  Even the cheapest renters insurance FL offers provides limited liability, personal property coverage, and reimbursement for temporary displacement costs related to the rental property.

How did we get here?

The theory behind insurance goes back to ancient times, and is the literal application of the well-known saying, β€œDon’t put all your eggs in one basket.”  According to , your monthly premium is pooled with the premiums of other policyholders’ and underwritten by a guarantor. Should anything happen to any one policyholder, emergency funds are made available from the pool of collected premiums.  This way, no one policyholder is fully responsible for the financial loss suffered. The insurance agency acts as the mediator in this process.

You can be held liable for accidents that happen in your rented home, including accidents that happen to (or are caused by) others.  For example, should you, or a guest, accidentally start a fire in your rental unit, your landlord could hold you financially responsible – and so could your guest!  You would also have to stay somewhere while the property is repaired, and replace any personal property that was damaged in the fire.

What does Florida renters insurance cover?

Renters insurance covers all of this: Limited Liability protects you from lawsuits and cost of damages, while Medical Coverage for Others pays your guest’s medical bills, and Personal Property Coverage helps you repair or replace your damaged possessions.  Better yet, your insurance helps to offset the cost of motel rooms and related costs that you incur while the rental property is being repaired.

In some rental areas, landlords may require leaseholders have Tenant’s Insurance.  But, even if your landlord does not require it, tenants insurance is a solid and affordable – investment that can save you untold amounts of money should anything happen to you, your family, your guests, your personal property, or even the rental property itself.

However, Florida borders should specify that they need Flood coverage, as it is not standard for most renters’ policies.  Also, there are limits to the coverage provided. Ask an agent here any questions you might have, and read your policy carefully to know exactly what it covers, and how much coverage it provides. Even the cheapest renters insurance FL tenants hold is worth the few bucks a month in premiums.