Auto Insurance in Florida: Do I Need It to Drive?
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Auto Insurance in Florida: Do I Need It to Drive?

Every state has different laws and regulations regarding auto insurance. Florida has one of the highest accident rates in the country but it also has one of the most unique auto insurance requirements. We help you learn everything you need to know about auto insurance Florida and the state’s policies.

Do I Need Auto Insurance to Drive in Florida?

The short answer to the question and according to, as to whether you need auto insurance to drive in Florida is yes. If you wish to operate a vehicle with four wheels, you must have up-to-date auto insurance.

The insurance laws for two wheeled vehicles, such as motorcycles, are different. However, registered drivers still need to have the minimum amount of coverage, either through an insurance agent or through a certificate ensuring that you are financially able to cover any damages resulting in an accident.

Do Snowbirds need auto insurance coverage when they aren’t in FL?.

The answer is yes, if a vehicle has a Florida license plate and registration, auto insurance coverage must continue for the full year. However, they can turn in their license plates and registration before they leave the state if they choose not to continue auto insurance Florida.

If you’re a Florida resident planning a move to another state, the law requires you to keep your Florida coverage current until your vehicle is registered in another state. Then you can cancel your Florida insurance and turn in your license plates.

Penalties of No Coverage

Florida’s unique auto insurance laws require only a bare minimum coverage of $10,000 in personal injury coverage and $10,000 in property damage liability. 

If you are in an accident or pulled over by law enforcement without proof of insurance, your driver’s license can be suspended, which also effectively suspends your vehicle’s registration. Reinstating your driving privileges can cost up to $500 in fees. 

In Conclusion

The ins and outs of auto insurance Florida can be complex and confusing. However, one constant you can depend on is that a minimum amount of insurance is required for all vehicles. If you want to save on your car insurance in Florida then get a quote here.