The “Concorde lovers”

The ” Concorde lovers ” team is, at the Beginning, a group of enthusiats, of people ready to go to bed early, to wake up early ….

But it’s now a community, an association, born for Concorde.

If you need more information about Concorde’s lover’s and want to Become One: Click here .


Under translation

A reduced team that has given its maximum to make the site live, to support the Concorde and which continues to offer more and more.

The name of all “guilty”

David => It’s me !!!!
Webmaster of the site, I try to do the maximum so that it is in the image of the Great White bird: Superb. I know there is still some work 🙂

Laurent => Laurent is a night owl because he works at night. Specialist pictures , we owe him a large number of shots, each more beautiful than each other.

Claude ==> Claude brings his knowledge for video and editing. It is also there to provide material for the videos.

Martine and JPM ==> The only girl of the group. She is often present and has allowed us to have beautiful shots and videos.

Internet is beautiful

Why this sentence?
Simply because at the time I prepared the second version of the site I launched a call for help for the translation of the new pages and for the verification of the old ones. Because I asked people who could host the tons of videos on the site and that in both cases I had answers and help.

JP Le Moel => A former cbd harmony that helped me a lot by these comments and translations.

Jean pierre melot ==> Thanks to his perfect mastery of the English, my considerably improved the English level of the site.

Alberto ==> Brazilian of origin, Alberto was at the origin of the correction of the part photo gallery.

A big thank you to

Corinne ==> That I tried to spare every day, trying not to make too much of the site. But it’s not always easy and Corinne has always been patient.

Marion ==> My little girl who always brings me a great joy, which allows me to regain the smile.


Martine and JPM her husband.